Publish Enemies Releases Their First Ever Graphic Novel – DAYGLOW by David Hahn

Publish Enemies Releases Their First Ever Graphic Novel – DAYGLOW by David Hahn

(Los Angeles, California) July 31, 2014 — Publish Enemies, LLC ( announced today the release of their first-ever graphic novel, DAYGLOW. The newly launched publisher made available today part 1 of a 4-part series. DAYGLOW is a creator-owned graphic novel created, written, and drawn by David Hahn.

Told from the perspective of a young Latin-American man, it is a sci-fi adventure story with crypto-zoological creatures that begins in modern times and leaps several hundred years into Earth’s post apocalyptic future.

Formed to take a different approach to marketing and distribution, Publish Enemies intends on fostering unique relationships with popular lifestyle brands in order to cast a wider net and reach an audience that would not typically pick up a comic book. From social media to advocate outreach to street marketing Publish Enemies intends to raise the bar on how all publishers release content moving forward.

“David Hahn is a talented writer and artist and we felt that his work would be a great example of what fans can expect to see from Publish Enemies in the future,” said CEO & founder, Andrew Fiscella, “Content will be the underlying factor to the success of Publish Enemies. We are excited to grow our publishing portfolio with established writers and artists to appeal to a wide audience.”

Publish Enemies will release DAYGLOW digitally in English first for $2.99 on the following:

Amazon Creator-ebook/dp/B00L9SOREW

“Publish Enemies and I share a similar vision of the state of digital publishing. I felt that Partnering with an independent publisher to launch their brand and release a project that is true to my craft is an honor,” said David Hahn, creator of DAYGLOW. “I’m excited to see how the audiences will respond to DAYGLOW”.

Publish Enemies’ upcoming company slate includes Father Vengeance, a untitled young adult female novel as well was Romulus Academy. Also, in other company news, the new publisher will be releasing DAYGLOW in Spanish and Japanese in the coming weeks.


About Publish Enemies:

Publish Enemies, LLC. is a next generation digital content publisher based in Los Angeles and was formed under the leadership of Andrew Fiscella and Scott Pardo in 2013. With the goal of captivating wide audiences, Publish Enemies released their first digital graphic novel, DAYGLOW.

About David Hahn:

David Hahn’s work is decidedly contemporary and reflects his eye for crisp detail. Conceptual art, educational illustrations, storytelling, and character design all benefit from his fresh take and skillful approach. He has illustrated issues of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Marvel Adventures: The Fantastic Four, both for Marvel Comics, and Bite Club, Fables, Lucifer, Red Herring, for DC Comics, as well as The Batman Handbook, licensed for Quirk Books.

David was nominated for both an Eisner Award and an Ignatz Award for his creator-owned comic series, Private Beach, published by Slave Labor Graphics. He has also done contract and sub-contract work for the U.S. Navy, NASA, CIA, TRW, BDM, Xerox, MIOX, Collector’s Press, and Tier Technologies.

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